Tuesday 12th November 2019, 7.30pm

This year's Bearsden LTC AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th November in the clubhouse.


1. Apologies
2. To approve the Minute of the 2018 Annual General Meeting

To consider a proposal from the committee about SCIO status:

"The AGM empowers the Committee to proceed with the administrative requirements for Bearsden LTC to become a SCIO and to wind up the CASC. When this is complete, an EGM will be called for the membership to approve the new Constitution and to ratify any other changes required."

A document SCIO - Member's Notice has been prepared to provide more details and background information to members.

4. To present the Barry Morris Award for the Most Improved Player
5. To receive and approve the Secretary's Report for 2019
6. To receive and approve the Treasurer's Report for 2019
7. To receive a report from the President
8. To receive a report from the Club Coach

To approve the following subscriptions for 2020:

2020 Subscription (2019)
Senior £204 £200
Reduced Senior (born 1994-2002) £102 £100
Day £96 £94
Junior (born 2003-2006) £85 £84
Junior (born (2007-2011) £56 £55
Mini (born 2012-2014) £36 £35
Mini tots (born 2015-2017) £21 £20
Family (for 3 members all resident at same address) £415 (+ £15 for each additional child) £407 (+ £15 for each additional child)
10. To elect the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for 2020
11. To elect the Hon President and Hon Vice President for 2020
12. To elect Ordinary Committee Members for 2020
13. To elect Team Captains for 2020
14. To elect two Auditors for 2020
15. Questions* from members and AOCB

* It would be helpful if any questions could be intimated to the Secretary prior to the meeting