Please complete the 2020-21 Membership Application Form (50% reduction applied) and click the Submit button at the foot of the form

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Please list name, e-mail address, membership category, sex and date of birth (reduced seniors, juniors, minis and mini-tots only) of all other members for whom fees are being submitted.

Full Name E-mail Address Membership Category Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) (if required)

Type of Membership Subscription Amount Persons Total
NEW! Households with 3 or more members pay only for the 2 most expensive members. All other members are FREE.
Please include numbers in each category below. This can be paid in two instalments (contact the Membership Secretary for details).
Senior £204 £102
Reduced Senior (born 1994-2002) £102 £51
Day (play Mon-Fri 9am-5pm only) £96 £48
Junior (born 2003-2006) £85 £42.50
Junior (born 2007-2011) £56 £28
Mini (born 2012-2014) £36 £18
Mini (born 2015-2017) £21 £10.50
Non-playing £15 £7.50

Payment can be made by CHEQUE, CASH, or by BANK TRANSFER. Please select the method of payment you will be using: *

Cheques should be made payable to Bearsden Lawn Tennis Club

Bank Transfers should be made to:
  • Sort code: 80-11-00
  • Bank account: 06080198
  • Reference on bank transfers should include first initial, surname of main member, and number of members e.g. JSMITH3

If you are enrolling Juniors, Minis or Mini-tots, you must complete Section C. Otherwise, go directly to Section D.


Please complete all four parts of this section for Junior members:

Part 1: Names and Emergency Contact Details

Name of member Emergency Contact Details
Contact name Relationship to member Contact phone number

Part 2: Health and Safety Disclosure

Please insert name(s) or write "none": has health/care issues which could affect his/her safety at the club, e.g. diabetes, asthma, allergies, and of which the club should be aware.

Please provide details:

Part 3: Publicity

I give permission for the above named Junior/Mini tennis member(s) to be involved in any publicity (including the use of still or moving photographs) used by the club for training or promotion.

Part 4: Terms and Condition of Membership

By signing and returning this form, I agree that the above named Junior(s)/Mini tennis members:
  • can take part in general club activities
  • has agreed to follow the rules of the club applicable to junior members*
and I agree to:
  • accept the code of conduct for parents*
  • follow the club policy on transport of players to Junior Matches*
  • give permission for the information above to be stored on a database
  • inform the club of any changes to the information provided on this form
  • give permission for the information above to be stored in the LTA ClubSpark system to hold membership details and provide a booking system.
I understand that in the event of any injury, illness or other medical need, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with the situation appropriately.

* available at the club website


I hereby apply for/renew my membership of Bearsden Lawn Tennis Club and, if accepted, agree to abide by the rules of the club. I understand that membership details will be held on computer database, and the LTA ClubSpark system for membership administration and to provide a booking system. Our Privacy Policy in Section E describes how we use your information. Please enter your name and tick the box below to give consent for this.

I have read the Privacy Policy and give consent to the use of my information by BLTC: *


Bearsden Lawn Tennis Club is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. For any personal data you provide for the purposes of your membership, the club secretary and treasurer are responsible for storing and using that data in a fair, lawful, secure and transparent way.

What personal data we may hold on you
You may give us information about you by completing membership forms or by corresponding with us by e-mail. The information you give us may include your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number.

Why we need your personal data
The reason we need your data is to be able to administer your membership, and provide the membership services you are signing up to when you join the club (see below). Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is that we have an obligation to you as a member to provide the services you are registering for. Reasons we need to process your data include:

For membership and club management
• processing of membership forms and payments;
• to contact you to provide information about club activities, membership renewals, social events, competition results, and LTA offers including the Wimbledon Ballot.

For competition entry
• sharing personal data with team captains to contact you regarding league play;
• in the case of team captains, sharing personal data with Tennis Scotland/LTA for entry in events.

For LTA reporting purposes
• reporting anonymised data on membership numbers (e.g. male/female, junior/senior).

Who we share your personal data with
The Club does not supply any personal data to any other third party. The Club does not store or transfer your personal data outside of the UK.

How long we hold your personal data
We will hold your personal data on file for as long as you are a member with us. Member data is updated every year on annual membership forms. Any personal data we hold on you will be securely destroyed after four years of inactivity on your account. Your data is not processed for any further purposes other than those detailed in this policy.

Your rights regarding your personal data
As a data subject you have the right at any time to request (by contacting the Club Secretary) access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data; to restrict or object to certain uses of your personal data, and to complain to the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office about the processing of your personal data.

As a data subject you are not obliged to share your personal data with the Club. If you choose not to share your personal data with us we may not be able to register or administer your membership.

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