Here are the Spring 2019 league fixtures:

Day Date Time Team Opponent Home/Away
Sat/Sun 16/17-Mar 10.00am Ladies' Spring DL West End AWAY 16/03/2019
Sun 17-Mar 10.00am Men's Spring Lenzie AWAY 17/03/2019
Sat 23-Mar 10.00am Men's Spring Strathaven 2 AWAY 23/03/2019
Sat/Sun 23/24-Mar 10.00am Ladies' Spring Kelvingrove AWAY 23/03/2019
Sat/Sun 30/31-Mar 10.00am Men's Spring Rutherglen 2 AWAY 30/03/2019
Sun 07-Apr 10.00am Men's Spring Hamilton Home 07/04/2019
Sun 07-Apr 1.00pm Ladies' Spring Queens Park Home 07/04/2019
  tbc 10.00am Men's Spring Kirkhill Home tbc
  tbc 1.00pm Ladies' Spring Kirkhill Home tbc
Summer 2019 league fixtures:
Day Date Time Team Opponent Home/Away
Mon 15-Apr 7.00pm Mens 4th Drumchapel 4 Home 15/04/2019
Thu 18-Apr 7.00pm Mens 2nd Milngavie 3 Home 18/04/2019
Tue 23-Apr 7.00pm Ladies 1st Thorn Park 1 Home 23/04/2019
Thu 25-Apr 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Whitecraigs 4 AWAY 25/04/2019
Thu 25-Apr 7.00pm Mens 4th Stepps 2 AWAY 15/04/2019
Sat/Sun 27/28-Apr tbc Boys 14&U Titwood Home 27/04/2019
Mon 29-Apr 7.00pm Ladies 4th Titwood 5 Home 29/04/2019
Mon 29-Apr 7.00pm Mens 2nd Clarkston 3 AWAY 29/04/2019
Tue 30-Apr 7.00pm Ladies 3rd DL Hamilton 5 Home 30/04/2019
Tue 30-Apr 7.00pm Ladies 1st Titwood 1 AWAY 30/04/2019
Wed 01-May 4.30pm Orange League DL West End AWAY 01/05/2019
Thu 02-May 1.30pm Ladies 60+ Newlands AWAY 02/05/2019
Thu 02-May 7.00pm Mens 2nd Western 5 Home 02/05/2019
Fri 03-May 7.00pm Mens 4th Kelvingrove 2 Home 03/05/2019
Sun 05-May 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Strathgryffe 7 AWAY 05/05/2019
Mon 06-May 7.00pm Ladies 2nd GU Staff 1 Home 06/05/2019
Tue 07-May 1.30pm Mens 60+ GU Staff AWAY 07/05/2019
Tue 07-May 7.00pm Ladies 1st Helensburgh 1 Home 07/05/2019
Thu 09-May 1.30pm Ladies 60+ Titwood Home 09/05/2019
Thu 09-May 7.00pm Mens 3rd Cardross 2 Home 09/05/2019
Wed 08-May 4.30pm Orange League Thorn Park Home 08/05/2019
Thu 09-May 7.00pm Mens 1st DL Hamilton 2 AWAY 09/05/2019
Thu 09-May 7.00pm Mens 4th Titwood 6 AWAY 09/05/2019
Fri 10-May 4.30pm Green League Western 2 Home 10/05/2019
Fri 10-May 7.00pm Mens 1st Uddingston 1 Home 10/05/2019
Fri 10-May 7.00pm Mens 2nd Busby 1 AWAY 10/05/2019
Sat 11-May 10.00am Red Ball Woodend @ Newlands 11/05/2019
Sat/Sun 11/12-May tbc Boys 14&U Whitecraigs AWAY 11/05/2019
Mon 13-May 7.00pm Ladies 4th Weir Recreation 2 Home 13/05/2019
Mon 13-May 7.00pm Mens 4th Nuffield Milngavie 4 AWAY 13/05/2019
Tue 14-May 1.30pm Mens 60+ Strathgryffe 1 Home 14/05/2019
Tue 14-May 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Fort Matilda 2 Home 14/05/2019
Tue 14-May 7.00pm Ladies 1st Newlands 2 AWAY 14/05/2019
Wed 15-May 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Uplawmoor 1 AWAY 15/05/2019
Thu 16-May 7.00pm Mens 4th DL West End 5 Home 16/05/2019
Thu 16-May 7.00pm Ladies 4th Bishopbriggs 2 AWAY 16/05/2019
Thu 16-May 7.00pm Mens 1st Rutherglen 2 AWAY 16/05/2019
Fri 17-May 4.30pm Green League Hillhead AWAY 17/05/2019
Fri 17-May 7.00pm Mens 2nd Kirkhill 1 Home 17/05/2019
Sat 18-May 10.00am Red Ball Strathgryffe 1 @ Newlands 18/05/2019
Sat/Sun 18/19-May tbc Boys 14&U Queens Park Home 18/05/2019
Mon 20-May 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Clarkston 3 Home 20/05/2019
Tue 21-May 1.30pm Mens 60+ Springwells AWAY 21/05/2019
Tue 21-May 7.00pm Ladies 1st Strathgryffe 2 Home 21/05/2019
Wed 22-May 4.30pm Orange League Strathgryffe 1 Home 22/05/2019
Wed 22-May 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Thorn Park 4 AWAY 22/05/2019
Thu 23-May 1.30pm Ladies 60+ Hillhead Home 23/05/2019
Thu 23-May 7.00pm Mens 1st Titwood 1 Home 23/05/2019
Fri 24-May 4.30pm Green League Thorn Park 2 Home 24/05/2019
Fri 24-May 7.00pm Mens 3rd Kilmacolm 2 Home 24/05/2019
Sat 25-May 10.00am Red Ball Hillhead @ Newlands 25/05/2019
Sat/Sun 25/26-May tbc Boys 14&U Busby AWAY 25/05/2019
Sun 26-May 7.00pm Mens 3rd Queens Park 2 AWAY 26/05/2019
Tue 28-May 1.30pm Mens 60+ Hamilton Home 28/05/2019
Tue 28-May 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Giffnock 4 Home 28/05/2019
Tue 28-May 7.00pm Ladies 1st DL Renfrew 1 AWAY 28/05/2019
Wed 29-May 4.30pm Orange League Titwood AWAY 29/05/2019
Wed 29-May 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Titwood 3 AWAY 29/05/2019
Thu 30-May 1.30pm Ladies 60+ Western Home 30/05/2019
Thu 30-May 7.00pm Mens 2nd Whitecraigs 4 Home 30/05/2019
Thu 30-May 7.00pm Ladies 4th Kirkhill 4 AWAY 30/05/2019
Thu 30-May 7.00pm Mens 3rd Whitecraigs 6 AWAY 30/05/2019
Fri 31-May 4.30pm Green League Newlands 1 Home 31/05/2019
Sat 01-Jun 10.00am Red Ball Prestwick 2 @ Newlands 01/06/2019
Sat/Sun 01/02-Jun tbc Boys 14&U Western 2 Home 01/06/2019
Mon 03-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Hillhead 2 Home 03/06/2019
Mon 03-Jun 7.00pm Mens 1st Newlands 3 AWAY 03/06/2019
Tue 04-Jun 1.30pm Mens 60+ Helensburgh AWAY 04/06/2019
Tue 04-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Kilmacolm 2 Home 04/06/2019
Tue 04-Jun 7.00pm Mens 2nd Hamilton 3 AWAY 04/06/2019
Wed 05-Jun 7.00pm Mens 4th Milngavie 5 AWAY 05/06/2019
Thu 06-Jun 1.30pm Ladies 60+ Whitecraigs AWAY 06/06/2019
Thu 06-Jun 7.00pm Mens 3rd DL Hamilton 6 Home 06/06/2019
Fri 07-Jun 4.30pm Green League Lenzie AWAY 07/06/2019
Fri 07-Jun 7.00pm Mens 1st Woodend 3 Home 07/06/2019
Fri 07-Jun 7.00pm Mens 3rd Westerton 1 AWAY 07/06/2019
Sun 09-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Strathgryffe 5 AWAY 09/06/2019
Mon 10-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 4th Lenzie 2 Home 10/06/2019
Mon 10-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Woodend 3 AWAY 10/06/2019
Tue 11-Jun 1.30pm Mens 60+ Milngavie Home 11/06/2019
Tue 11-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 1st DL West End 1 Home 11/06/2019
Thu 13-Jun 1.30pm Ladies 60+ Uplawmoor AWAY 13/06/2019
Thu 13-Jun 7.00pm Mens 4th Kilmacolm 4 Home 13/06/2019
Sat 15-Jun 7.00pm Mens 2nd DL Hamilton 2 AWAY 15/06/2019
Sat/Sun 15/16-Jun tbc Boys 14&U Fort Matilda AWAY 15/06/2019
Tue 18-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 1st Western 2 AWAY 18/06/2019
Tue 18-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 4th Kilmacolm 3 AWAY 18/06/2019
Thu 20-Jun 7.00pm Mens 1st Drumchapel 1 Home 20/06/2019
Thu 20-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 3rd Weir Recreation 1 AWAY 20/06/2019
Fri 21-Jun 7.00pm Mens 3rd Nuffield Milngavie 3 Home 21/06/2019
Fri 21-Jun 7.00pm Mens 1st Fort Matilda 1 AWAY 21/06/2019
Sat/Sun 22/23-Jun tbc Boys 14&U Cambuslang Home 22/06/2019
Mon 24-Jun 7.00pm Ladies 4th Lanark 1 Home 24/06/2019
Thu 27-Jun 7.00pm Mens 4th Clarkston 6 Home 27/06/2019
Sun 30-Jun 4.00pm Ladies 4th Bishopton 3 AWAY 30/06/2019
Tue 16-Jul 7.00pm Mens 3rd Western 6 AWAY 16/07/2019
  tbc 7.00pm Ladies 2nd Kirktonhill 1 Home tbc
And Autumn 2019 league fixtures:
Day Date Time Team Opponent Home/Away
Mon 19-Aug 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 2nd Nuffield Milngavie 3 Home 19/08/2019
Tue 20-Aug 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 3rd GU Staff 2 Home 20/08/2019
Thu 22-Aug 7.00pm Mens Seniors 2nd Strathaven 2 Home 22/08/2019
Thu 22-Aug 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 1st Helensburgh 1 AWAY 22/08/2019
Mon 26-Aug 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 4th Helensburgh 4 Home 26/08/2019
Mon 26-Aug 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 2nd Thorn Park 3 AWAY 26/08/2019
Mon 26-Aug 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 3rd Hillhead 4 AWAY 26/08/2019
Mon 02-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 2nd Newlands 3 Home 02/09/2019
Tue 03-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 3rd DL West End 3 Home 03/09/2019
Tue 03-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 4th Hillhead 5 AWAY 03/09/2019
Thu 05-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 4th Weir Recreation 2 AWAY 05/09/2019
Tue 10-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 1st Clarkston 1 AWAY 10/09/2019
Thu 12-Sep 7.00pm Mens Seniors 2nd Broomhill 3 AWAY 12/09/2019
Mon 16-Sep 7.00pm Mens Seniors 2nd Milngavie 3 AWAY 16/09/2019
Tue 17-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 1st Western 1 Home 17/09/2019
Wed 18-Sep 7.00pm Mens Seniors 1st Newlands 3 AWAY 18/09/2019
Thu 19-Sep 7.00pm Mens Seniors 1st Broomhill 2 Home 19/09/2019
Wed 25-Sep 7.00pm Mens Seniors 1st Western 2 AWAY 25/09/2019
Thu 26-Sep 7.00pm Mens Seniors 2nd GU Staff 2 AWAY 26/09/2019
Mon 30-Sep 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 4th Fort Matilda 3 Home 30/09/2019
Tue 01-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 3rd Bishopbriggs 2 Home 01/10/2019
Tue 01-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 4th Mount Vernon 2 AWAY 01/10/2019
Thu 03-Oct 7.00pm Mens Seniors 1st Helensburgh 1 Home 03/10/2019
Thu 03-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 1st DL Renfrew 1 AWAY 03/10/2019
Mon 07-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 2nd Milngavie 1 Home 07/10/2019
Tue 08-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 1st Newlands 1 Home 08/10/2019
Tue 08-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 3rd Milngavie 2 AWAY 08/10/2019
Thu 10-Oct 7.00pm Mens Seniors 2nd Nuffield Milngavie 3 Home 10/10/2019
Mon 14-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 4th Cardross 2 Home 14/10/2019
Tue 15-Oct 7.00pm Ladies Seniors 2nd Strathgryffe 4 AWAY 15/10/2019
Thu 17-Oct 7.00pm Mens Seniors 1st Bishopton 1 Home 17/10/2019